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Mechanical Principles Ralph Steiner Sort of a love poem between differential gears in mostly unrecognizable mechanical devices. Lot in Sodom J.

The 30-year-old dreamlike crime classic "Blue Velvet" was way ahead of its time -- and still is

The Bible story is told mostly in poetic, sensual visuals. Poem 8 An unstructured 16mm film seemingly formed of individual visual inspirations. Emien Etting. John Cage helped make it. Thimble Theater Joseph Cornell The master of collages, helped by Lawrence Jordan, produces another strange montage of found film clips.

Crime: The story of 3 girls who were kidnapped and kept captive for over 10years !

How the images were created is often completely obscure, inducing even technically-minded viewers to free-associate with the abstract images. Meshes of the Afternoon Maya Deren, A. Hackenschmied The all-time Avant-Garde champ is an encyclopedia of what are really expressionist ideas, yet presented in a seductive, dream-like atmosphere.

These Australians Are Here to Scare the Hell Out of You

This print reportedly has three shots not seen since the s. Always a favorite. The filmmakers observe a group of small children and young teens playing various games on a street in Spanish Harlem; the personalities, disputes and attitudes on view seem to encapsulate the whole of the human experience.

Evolution Jim Davis Another wing of the Avant-Garde museum — organic but abstract images that bring on free-association as does music.

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Gyromorphosis Hy Hirsh Art of the premeditated kind; the explanatory blurb by the filmmaker sounds too close to art-speak for my taste. I clearly need more indoctrination, but this one is better than most. Beautiful color print, great music, and not pretentious. As part of his treatise on American politics, the filmmaker mixes, images of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago with a beauty contest in a nudist camp.

Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon! Heineken is of course much better beer. Hell, Coors is better beer. Lynch and Tarantino are far more different than similar, but there is certainly some overlap: Both translated a set of arcane 20th-century artistic and cinematic references into the language of post-boomer pop culture, and both created works that became poles of an ambiguous new American canon.

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Rather than write another review of one of the most discussed and debated films ever made, I bounced a few questions and observations off my friend Martha P. Nochimson, a critic and scholar who knows Lynch and has interviewed him numerous times. There is a hero drawn into the criminal underworld, a good girl fair and a bad girl dark , a charismatic but dangerous antihero. What do you see in the film that helps Lynch both fulfill all these conventions of American crime cinema and also leave them behind?

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Applying the conventions of noir to Lynch loses both the poetry and originality of Lynch and the power of noir. The dark, dangerous woman and the fair, nurturing girl are longstanding literary conventions -- but not of noir. The essential femme fatale of noir is not always dark. Does the name Elsa Bannister strike a familiar chord? See the same film for reference, and many more. The noir hero tends to be world-weary and deeply scarred when he meets the femme fatale.

Dorothy is sensual but overwhelmed. Sandy is naive but strong, and has her own connections to darkness.

Made in Hollywood, USA

That's where she emerges for Jeffrey. That said, this movie is not the anti-noir either. When Lynch says that 90 percent of the time he doesn't know what he's found he's not kidding. That's how artists work. It's craftsmen-storytellers who intentionally work within and against conventions.

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  • For Lynch, there is only vision, and all he has seen or heard will be used by his vision. The real question might be whether Jeffrey likes himself. Again, the answers to both questions are officially no, but out in the audience we know better. What gender is Jeffrey? Are his two female lovers different people or the same person? Is Frank straight, gay or bisexual?