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A Programmer's Guide to Servlets, JavaServer Pages, and Enterprise JavaBeans

The Enterprise JavaBeans 2. This specification will build on servlet specification version 2.

Java EE (JEE) Web Application for Beginners with Eclipse

Enterprise JavaBeans TM 3. JAXB 2. This JSR proposes additional functionality while retaining ease of development as a key goal.

JAVA/J2EE Architect (HHSC - 52942000128625) JH#509-513

JavaServer TM Pages 2. The purpose of JSP 2. This JSR is an update to the 1. Its scope goes beyond a JCP maintenance release, but is short of a new feature release.

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Withdrawn Reason:. Java TM Servlet 3. Java TM Persistence 2.

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Enterprise JavaBeans is an architecture for the development and deployment of component-based business applications. This JSR will enhance the existing specification with features requested by experts and community. Java TM Message Service 2.

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)

Java TM Servlet 4. Active Latest Stage:.

This JSR aims at evolving the Bean Validation specification by leveraging Java 8 language constructs for the purposes of validation. This includes the various technologies, design methodology, and design patterns.

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The text contains fully worked examples, built up throughout the book, which enables the reader to quickly develop multi-tier applications. An invaluable text for those who want to build enterprise wide applications in Java. They cover all the aspects of J2EE that both professionals and students need to know to build multi-tier enterprise applications in Java - the technologies, the design methodology and design patterns.

Whether you are a professional or student, this book will help equip you with the skills you need to build enterprise wide applications in Java. Key Topics Includes design issues using J2EE patterns Covers all parts of the enterprise application J2EE Uses an integrated example that spans the chapters to be built up by the reader More accessible and less daunting than a lot of the competition A coherent whole, rather than independent separate chapters as with some rivals Features and Benefits Provides an overview of J2EE technologies and their benefits.

Discusses architectural design issues using J2EE patterns.